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Khoi Nguyen aims to become a prestigious, long-term, professional and reliable partner in the field of export – import and distribution of medicines, equipment – medical supplies, dietary supplement, cosmetics from Europe, Japan and countries with developed medicine into Vietnam.


Provide quality products, superiority, reasonable price; Ensure maximum benefits for Partners with attractive and long-term policies; Create a dynamic, creative and friendly environment. Thereby creating conditions to maximize the potential for talented and dedicated employees


Provide high quality products, new generation active ingredients in treatment to improve community health. Associate employee development with company development, create a professional working environment with a sustainable foundation.


Khoi Nguyen takes the philosophy of Six Harmonies in Buddhism as the foundation for practical application. Six Harmonies brings the power of solidarity, respect and mutual development.
Corporal Harmony

Working together towards the common goal of bringing the world’s most advanced medical products to the community

Verbal Harmony

Working towards the same goal: Debating but not arguing

Mental Harmony

Respect the opinions of partners, customers and colleagues, even opposing opinions, to reach consensus

Ethical Harmony

Practice the 5 precepts of Buddha so as not to violate ethical principles with partners and colleagues

Ideological Harmony

Training, sharing knowledge and experience; overcome difficulties and challenges together

Material Harmony

Share benefits in accordance with ability and contribution

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Exclusive Products

Nutristill 90 softgel is a multivitamin-multimineral food supplement based on a high content of DHA,…

RESOFLUX® helps treat symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux and pharyngo-laryngeal reflux. Category: Digestion Active Ingredient: Magaldrate,…

Calcium MIX with Calcium from the sea is rich in minerals and has high bioavailability,…

VULVOVAGI® SPRAY helps to manage symptoms of vaginitis, vulvovaginitis, itching, vaginal dryness caused by many…






Effervescent tablets to support male fertility, officially imported from Germany. Category: Obstetrics – Gynecology Packaging:…

EFFERVESCENT TABLET OVUMAX Category: Obstetrics – Gynecology Packaging: box of 10 effervescent tablets Uses: Support…

Health supplement KUREN FUCOIDAN: Antioxidant support Health promotion Strengthen resistance Officially imported from Japan.  



Mai Nguyen

Dong Da District, Ha Noi City

I am very satisfied with the products and services that Khoi Nguyen provides. The product is of good quality, very popular with customers. Hope to have a long-term cooperation with your company

Hang Phan

Ninh Binh

Khoi Nguyen offers many services that help me not to have to search for many units to perform different jobs in the process of bringing products to Vietnam. Very convenient and a time saver for us!

Trinh Le

Ha Dong District, Ha Noi City

Khoi Nguyen’s staff takes care of customers very attentively. I have a question with you guys, very quickly received an answer. You are very enthusiastic and polite. I am very satisfied!