Trends of using fertility support products for infertility

A sad reality today is the increase in infertility. However, this is the reason why fertility support products are increasingly growing in both quantity and quality. Follow this article of Khoi Nguyen to learn about the trend of using these products in supporting the treatment of infertility in Vietnam.

The current state of infertility

Today, reproductive-related diseases such as infertility are increasingly common and are showing signs of rejuvenation. Meanwhile, the birth rate tends to decrease. According to statistics, the current infertility rate of couples is 7.7%, of which 3.9% is primary infertility and 3.8% is secondary infertility. The increasing number of state hospitals and private units setting up assisted reproductive centers partly reflects this situation.

Research by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam shows that infertility occurs 40% in the husband, 40% in the wife, 10% due to both and the remaining 10% has no known cause. In men, infertility is usually caused by low sperm count or poor sperm quality, such as weak sperm, difficulty moving or abnormal sperm morphology. In women, the cause may be a hormone disorder or a disease in the uterus, cervix, etc.

Difficulty getting pregnant can cause psychological stress for couples because they always want to fulfill their desire to be a father, mother, and build a happy family. Therefore, finding the cause and getting timely treatment will help couples get rid of the pressures and enjoy their divine parenthood.


Following that need, the current medical industry has also updated scientific advances to be able to solve the above problems. Not only that, besides advanced technical methods, medicinal products and health foods with reproductive effects are also booming. These products are intended to treat or assist in the treatment of existing medical conditions that cause difficulty getting pregnant. Many of these products can be easily found at pharmaceutical and functional food businesses with diverse origins (domestic and foreign) and many different uses.

Our products

Khoi Nguyen Medical Import-Export Co., Ltd is importing a number of good quality fertility support products, manufactured from leading prestigious companies in the world with decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Our products are fully licensed and circulated in Vietnam by the Ministry of Health. Below, we would like to introduce to you these products:

Hemotil Plus effervescent tablets – Male fertility support


  • Helps to increase vitality and sexual health in men.
  • Helps slow down menopause.
  • Helps improve sperm quality and quantity.

fertility support

Ovumax effervescent tablets – Improve female fertility


  • Support to enhance female fertility, increase the ability to conceive.
  • Supports the regulation of reproductive hormones, regulates menstruation in women.
  • Anti-oxidation, protect ovum, support the formation of fetus, protect embryogenesis from the effects of oxidative stress.

fertility support

Xyminal Vaginal Pills – Conception Support

  • Helps to increase the progressive motility of sperm, reduce the number of immobile sperm
  • Helps reduce semen viscosity

fertility support


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